A personal noise canceling device using ANC (Active Noise Control) technology.

This was a candidate project for Projet First competition of Fondation Telecom.

This product is a device in shape of small box equipped with several microphones, a speaker, a control panel and a digital processing unit.

It uses technology called ANC (Active Noise Control). It collect the incoming noise and generate another noise with opposite phase. If the device is well positioned and oriented, and if the time of processing is relatively short. The user in a certain area will hear the composition of the two noise and therefore canceled or at least decreased.

I have conducted a demonstrative experiment by putting two cellphone together and play a generated simple sinusoidal signal. The result is encouraging: I hear noise of lower amplitude in certain area.

I believe that this is a very prospective project with high social and commercial potentiality.

If you are interested, contact me by information in the Contact page.